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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective online marketing campaign, with the Highest Return on Investment (ROI) for most businesses. As worldwide searches continue to grow, small businesses to the world's biggest fortune 500 companies rely on SEO to market their websites, products, and services.

Online Search has evolved rapidly, and we believe it is time for a new style of SEO. SEO can be much more cost effective than Pay-Per-Click, provided it's done ethically and strategically. If your SEO isn't giving you sufficient returns, maybe it's time to speak to us.

Getting Quality Visitors

It mainly focuses on getting your site to the top of search engine, but a planned SEO strategy is the one that delivers quantifiable results, most business owners are concerned with. You want to meet your business's objectives and we ensure your site's optimization to receive relevant traffic allowing higher conversions.

Pay on Result SEO Strategy
No upfront fees no regular monthly fees only pay on actual performance!

If you want performance-based service that is affordable and comes with no strings attached, you've come to the right place. We offer unique Pay on Results SEO pricing to clients who prefer to pay for actual results and performance, than an upfront fee, whilst still wanting an on-going relationship. POR (Pay on Results) means you only pay for the increased traffic or sales.

Analyzing SEO Campaign & Determining Success

We will bring a fresh perspective to your online marketing approach and analyze the entire search engine optimization campaign from start to finish, pushing boundaries and suggesting new strategies as we work towards achieving YOUR objectives not ours.

Making the Right Decision

Choosing the right SEO Company for your project is difficult at the best of times, but our services are different and unique because we really care about the success of your business. We've achieved fantastic first-page results for hundreds of clients, many of whom will be happy to vouch for us.

Search Engine Marketing

Is your website currently generating enough traffic? Are you satisfied with your current conversion rate? Sadly, for most companies, the answer to these questions is 'no'. If you are experiencing similar issues, then TK Digitals can help.

TK Digitals are Google Adwords Partner and we have years of hands-on experience on Google to enable you to gain full control over your online corporate presence. We offer our clients unique PPC campaign management strategies to bring quality and filtered traffic onto your website.

PPC Advertising Campaign

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most effective way to bring quality traffic to your site. With PPC advertisement campaigns you can come around such issues. TK Digitals helps setup and manage PPC campaigns for your site and optimizes them towards your business growth.

Search Advertising

Anyone can use Google Adwords and Bing Ads to setup a search engine marketing campaign but executing a paid search engine campaign in the right direction is not simple. Industry experts with strong command in Search Engine Marketing can manage your PPC campaigns and drive unleashed business potential. TK Digitals takes pride in its team of certified professionals with robust, creative and analytical skills that differentiates us from others.

Display Advertising

A type of advertising that normally contains text, photographs, logos or other images, location maps, etc. Get engaged with your audience. Grab attention with display advertising across a network that features the most preferred media brands and sites. With a rich range of options across screen, your message is sure to get consideration and invite participation. Are you ready to connect?

TK Digital's Expertise

Almost a decade of presence in the market makes TK Digital's SEM most qualified and reliable. Our rich experience doesn't only go beyond industries but also beyond geographical borders. Our skills of creating highly targeted PPC campaigns for companies from around the world makes us matchless in this field. We understand the needs of our clients and devise tailored solutions for them which are designed to satisfy their needs in the best possible way while keeping profitability and cost efficiency of the client as one of our prime objectives.

TK Digital's services are irresistible, some of our built-in offerings in our package are:

Reports and Analysis
Key Search Queries & Market Trends
24 Hours Online Visibility

Search Engine Marketing is all about getting your site maximum visibility. PPC brings your website more exposure, more traffic and, as a result, more business for you, meaning a greater return on investment. So what business goals you want to achieve? Ask our experts to receive a quote.

Social Media Marketing

Have you been able to turn your fans and followers into active prospects? Are you interested in monetizing the social media channel? Online shoppers have a short attention span, so if the path to buy is not immediately clear, they will quickly move on to someone else.

We will manage your Facebook page, create unique content to engage buyers and convert your social leads into sales. We will be using the power of Twitter, Linkedin and Corporate Blogging to spread awareness about your company and targeting relevant companies for Distribution and Partnership possibilities.


The business consultant will be spending a considerable amount of time and energy to establish your brand reputation on the world leading social network Facebook.com. From unique content development to engaging customers in meaningful conversation, the business consultant will be looking after all the Facebook related activities for your business.


Twitter is a great way to increase brand following and interact with partners from all around the world. Twitter has 175 million registered users and thousands more signing up every day; Twitter has been helping companies to establish a rich online experience using its powerful micro blogging platform.


With over 100 Million users under its belt, professional networking starts at Linkedin. TKDgital has helped thousands of companies create meaningful online partnerships with professionals on linkedin.com; your business consultant will regularly look for entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities from different parts of the globe.


Google+ pages have been adopted by 61% of the top 100 brands. Using Google+, we will focus on finding customers for your business and enhance the overall visibility of your business. One of the major reasons to use Google+ for Corporate Branding is Google support in indexing Google+ pages quicker than the rest of Social Media pages that ultimately deliver higher traffic.

Website Development

TK Digitals has united experienced web developers and digital marketing specialists who work hard and stand as the best developers in the industry. When you hire a team of web developers for your website project, you should look for a team that adds value to your business. We here at TK Digitals have both qualified and experienced web developers to build your online reputation.

Design Etiquette & Delivery

Our work reflects unmatched professionalism. We not only build robust websites for businesses but we also ensure its physical appearance and quality. We ensure quality because it is a vital part of professionalism. Not only that, we provide clear deadlines for website projects and deliver tasks in a timely manner.

Development Platforms

The most recent trend for businesses is E-commerce. Implementing E-commerce to your website reduces your business overheads while at the same time making your marketplace larger - so you get double advantage of saving more at the same time of earning more. Our web development platforms are PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen-Cart and other CMS based websites including HTML5.

E-commerce Tools

TK Digitals is aware of today's transaction trends and can equip your online business with the ecommerce tools so as to make sales, purchase and other transactions possible through your website. Whether you're a starter small business, or an established large enterprise, TK Digitals has an E-Commerce solution ready for you.

Content Development & Translation Services

A new step towards building business relationships!
Let us shape the way the world perceives and interacts with your company. Using the right and appropriate language in marketing campaigns may sound easy, but is more complex than at first sight. Language helps you to deliver the meat and bones of your message.

For any organization, communication on a global scale is certainly an added advantage in their familiar tongue. If that multi-lingual touch is in your strategic planning, TK Digitals is the one-stop solution for your translation needs.

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