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While our country is in the grip of tension, confusion, and uncertainty in the wake of the marches and sit-ins staged by the PTI and PAT, poor people are in complete disarray. Pakistani politics are becoming a total chaos. Rulers, behaving more like monarchs than democrats seem to be oblivious to what is happening around them. They appear to be very comfortable with protecting and strengthening the farce named democracy in the country. In a political gathering, there are thousands of supporters waiting for their leader to address them and there comes the leader amid the thunder of applause but wait… a selfie is being taken before the speech starts.


How selfish! A so-called political leader who is more concerned about his own image and picture rather than thousands of people. How can we expect such a person to make important decisions for our country? This is a leader who is busy doing something immature and childish in a political gathering. We have been accepting everyone who knows how to play with our emotions. We blindly start following anyone not knowing whether he/she is eligible for this responsibility or not. It is amazing how politicians fool us and we don't dare utter a word because all we do is sit and watch the show - least bothered that today's silence will welcome a disaster for tomorrow. People have grown weary of listening to the oft repeated sermons of politicians turning Pakistan into paradise when they face insurmountable difficulties in getting even the basic necessities such as water, health, and education.


IDPs in KP are running thin on patience. The government perhaps does not realise how a displaced person feels, and distributing occasional aid packs with party logos where publicity seems more of a target than helping them does not cut it for the IDPs. Even in this, the rulers seem to be paying more attention to the flood affected than the IDPs of KP. The sole superpower - US - has been repeatedly harping that Pakistan should 'do more' to eliminate the terrorists operating in Fata. Now that a full-scale war has been launched and the army is fully engaged in operations, our eastern neighbor has started making trouble. The US and UN are all quiet and cannot tell the Indians 'no more'. These double standards create doubts about the actual agenda being followed by the world powers. The US is hardly doing anything to drone the elements operating from Kunar to. In the absence of a full-fledged active foreign minister the problem is further aggravated. Moreover internally we are to blame ourselves also. Our political forces are divided to the extent that in these critical times the leaders are not under one umbrella. It is time to take stock of the prevailing situation and put our house in order.


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