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    Ethanol | Neutral Ethyl

    Ethanol | Neutral Ethyl

    Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid.
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             Test Method:         Method Title:        Test Result
    OIML:   Strenght by volume at 20 Degrees C:   96.20
    ASTM D-1353:   Dry Matter gr/hl (residue on evaporation):   1.0 max
    ASTM D-1613:   Acidity as Acetic Acid gr/hl:   1.0 max
    OGC/SGS WTOH 0001-10:   Esters as Acetic. Gr/hl:   0.5 max
    OGC/SGS ETOH 0001-10:   Aldehydes as acetaldehyde, gr/hl :0.5 max OGC/SGS ETOH 0001-10:   Methanol, gr/hl:   0.5 max
    OGC/SGS ETOH 0001-10:   Higher Alcohal, gr/hl (Iso-butonol, N-butonol Iso-AmyL Alcohol N-Amyl Alcohol, N-Propanol):   0.5 max
    OGC/SGS ETOH 0001-10:   Furfural:   Negative
    ASTM D-1363:   Permanganate Time Test at 20 Deg C, minute:   20-30 OGC/2007.SOP-IEH/03:   Hydrocarbons:   Absent -
    OGC/2007.SOP-IEH/03:  Crotonaldehydes:   Absent
    UV Absorbance U.V     (Reference: Water, Cell: 1CM    
    270 NM Extinction:   0.02
    240 NM Extinction:   0.060  
    230 NM Extinction:   0.120  
    220 NM Extinction:   0.25
    UV:   Curve:   Smooth
    Organaoleptic:   Odor:   Neutral Visual Aspect Cleared Liquid, Free from suspended matter
    OGC/SGS ETOH 0001-10:   Iso-Propanol:   1.7 gr/hl max  

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