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    Soccer Balls | Footballs

    Product Description We make wide range in Soccer Balls & Footballs…For more information contact us.   ·        Top Ball. ·&nbsp...
    • Supplying Ability: 10000Piece
    • Min Order: 50 Piece
    • Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal
    • Packaging Detail: Individually packed in a poly bag.

    Nanba Group

    Contact Person:
    Mr. Naeem Ayub
    JALAL PURA, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, 51310
    Selling Products:
    Badges & Emblems, Uniform Accessories & Accoutrements, Civil War Uniform & Products, Masonic Regalia
    Trust Points: 0
    Product Description
    We make wide range in Soccer Balls & Footballs…For more information contact us.
    ·        Top Ball.
    ·        FIFA Approved.
    ·        PU Structure for better dimension stability.
    ·        Applied anti-fungus treatment
    ·        Special Japanese shiny white PU film protects from scratch.
    ·        Special chemical composition on top to control skidding on wet.
    ·        Best way of combining bladder perfect balance to the ball.
    ·        Top high quality stitching hide thread seems
    ·        Hand Stitched.
    ·        Best Graded latex bladder valve ensures resistance
    ·        Official weight & size 5/32

    NANBA ---- The chief Manufacturer & Exporter of Badges, Uniform Accessories & Accoutrements, Woven, Machine-made and Metal Badges, Berets & Forces Caps, R.A.O.A and Masonic Regalia, Rotary and Club Products, Historic Civil war Uniforms and relevant products, Braids, Cords, Weaving, Ribbons, Webbing and much more...
    Badges-Emblems Products Range:
    We also manufacture [Handmade Gold and Silver Bullion Embroidered badges, patches all kinds],[Family Crests],[Wings],[Patches],[Insignia badges], [Cap badges], [blazer badges], [UK Rexin badges], [Sashes], [Banners & flags], [Bullion Tassels], [Pins], [Army, Air force, Navy, Police, Fire Department, law Enforcement badges],[Forces badges],[Clubs, Schools/Colleges/Universities badges],[Epaulettes],[Uniform Regalias],[ Cap Visors], [Banners], [Lanyards], [Trimmings], [Braids], [Buttons], [Shoulder boards], [Ranks & Regimental Badges], [Military Navy, Air Force Accoutrements],[Uniform Equipment for Police, Fire Departments], [Hand Embroidered Key Rings], [Defense Services & Clubs badges], [Regimental uniform Accessories], [Berets, Caps & Hats], [Sword knot], [Chin straps], [Shoulder], [Chin Cord], [Bag pipe Cords], [Cords], [Shoulder straps],[Whistle], [Whistle Cords], [Collar Tabs], [Pennants], [Monograms], [Land Yards], [Braids]" for Army, Navy, Air force, Police, Clubs, Fire Brigade, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Scouts and much more>>>
    Its been a source of honor for NANBA that this Organization possesses the experience of two generations, thus the credibility and professional standing is what our company work with, reliably this is the home where work is done with care and professional concern, taking in view the fullest demands, wants and instructions of the customers in making a product.
    Civil War Products Range: 
    We provide Civil War Uniforms, Boer War, Zulu War, Indian Wars uniforms, accoutrements, brogans, American Civil War (ACW), UK Civil War, German uniforms, Confederate, Union, Victorian costumes, firearms, Presenting Military Uniform, American Civil war capi, Great Coats, Officers over coat, Fatigue Blouse dresses, Frock coat, Shell jackets, World war one uniforms, World war two uniforms, Civil war Shirts, Civil war Trousers, Civil war Khaki Field Blouse, Officers cloak coat, Oliskin Duster, Sack coat, Victorian Travelling coat, Ulster coat, Military Vest, New York Zouave Uniforms, Mexican jacket and trousers, Relaxing suits, officers uniforms, civilian wears, monastic uniforms, ladies wears etc.
    In NANBA HOUSE all uniforms and costumes are individually tailored with much care and professional diligence. It is our aim to exactly take to mean your requirements and to deliver you with the best quality products at the most realistic prices. NANBA is the only company outside U.S.A and U.K honored to make period correct uniforms.
    Salient Features:
    • Our Quality is consistently superb as all our products are prepared under the vigilance and attention of experienced Production Managers from top to toe in all respective depots.
    • Our Delivery commitment is always in time with full responsibility. 
    • Our Prices are always competent and hence are favorable to every market. 
    • Government tender suppliers around the globe. 
    • Accept even small orders graciously. 
    • Our stitched uniforms are better than others, bearing correctness with history.
    • Fabric quality and endurance is guaranteed. 
    • Specialized in USA civil war uniforms necessities. 
    • We use flexible and strengthened thread with no fade color guarantee 
    • We work upon very strict policy of purchasing, dying, cutting, stitching, checking, pressing, packing (inner packing and outer packing) than others. 
    • Inner lining & outer lining guaranteed. 
    • Professional pattern cutting masters. 
    • Belt and fly perfection guaranteed in stitching pants and trousers etc.
    Our Mission: 
    The most important ( Delivery in time! ) 
    The most concerning ( Quality Products! ) 
    T he most needed ever ( The competitive price! )
    Quality and Price: 
    We take 100% guarantee and assurance of the quality of the products made in our working units with most competitive prices feasible for every kind of market of the world namely, Europe, United States of America, UK, Japan etc.
    Also, it is the chief concern of NANBA to provide the best services to our worthy customers throughout the world. Hence, we are sure that our customers would be fully satisfied with our quality products and we are confident enough to establish consistent and trustworthy business collaborations with them. We do not look for just one time sale, we seek the clients whom we could develop good business relationships forever.
    Best Regards
    Naeem Ayub

    Give us some packaging details?
    Usually each and every Product is packed in polyethylene bags, and then these Products are packed in card board boxes to send you directly. Special instructions may also be followed on request please.


    1. Courier Service:
    Being a corporate client to DHL we ship most of our orders through DHL Courier Service to worldwide destinations. Usually transient time is 72 working hours. 

     We also use FedEx and UPS on customers request almost 30% expensive to DHL. If interested please confirm your shipping address for exact shipping cost via FedEx OR UPS Pakistan

     When order weight increases from 50 kg only additional flat rate is charged and first kg is waved off . However, if order weight is below to 50kg Ist kg will be charged as usual please.

     The above prices are subject to change upon any increase OR change by DHL courier service Pakistan.

     Off ISO 9001 recommendation, we send maximum 25 kg of each parcel for goods safe-guard and protection, however, one parcel up to 30 kg may also be forward on request.

    2. Air-mail service/Postal Service:
    We only use Air-mail for small packets/orders. This medium is generally used for retail orders/online shopping by collectors and individuals for personal use of products. Being a cheaper source of shipping most of direct clients prefers it but NANBA is not responsible for late delivery as this medium is without any tracking facility. Usually Air-mail takes 7 days to reach Europe and 12 days to USA, Canada & Australian destinations.

    3. EMS OR Express Mail/Postal Service:
    Some clients ask for Express Mail or EMS to be used for their orders. Although it is comparatively bit inexpensive to DHL facilitated with Tracking No yet the price difference is not much, merely 12% to 14% cheaper to DHL comparatively.

    It generally delivers in 5/6 days to Europe & 8/10 days to US, Canada & Australia. We had some bad delivery experience to our clients by this medium so we try to use courier only. If you prefer to use this NANBA is not held responsible for delay on the part of EMS while delivering your order please.

    4. Surface Mail/Postal Service:
    Sorry we dont use this delivery medium because its transient time is unsubstantiated even by SIALKOT - GPO they say it reaches to the destination but. How long we are not certain.

    5. Cargo Services:
    In case of bulk orders we use cargo services both Air Cargo and Sea Cargo.

    Air Cargo delivers by two methods:

     It delivers to the destination Airport and customer hires an agent for custom clearance from the Airport - inexpensive method 

     It takes responsibility to deliver to customers premises/warehouse - expensive method. Please confirm your nearest Airport details when ordering. Generally takes 10 days to all destinations. We preferable use Emirates & British Airways for Air Cargo please.

    6. Sea Cargo:
    Ideal shipping source for bulk orders like 20 and 40 container. Delivery time 25/28 days approximately. Freight cost approximately almost 8% of the total amount of order depending on destination country.


    1. How can we buy from Nanba?
    Simply let us know the reference number of products in which you are interested or send us you picture. You can contact us via E-mail, fax, or letter. On receiving the inquiry our sales manager will contact immediately to serve you.
    2. What is delivery time of shipment?
    Usually we dispatch the trial orders within 1 to 2 weeks time, other shipments in about 3 to 4 weeks, however, time of quantity shipment depends upon order volume. Lets discuss with one of our sales manager about delivery time for your order.
    3. How long does shipment take to reach from the date of dispatch of goods?
    Air-mail registered package: 8 to 12 working days to U.S.A, Canada & Australian destinations. 6 to 8 working days to U.K, Japan, Middle East and Europe. DHL via Dubai: 4 working days to all destinations.
    4. Where can I find information on shipping cost?
    Please click on Shipping Cost icon on home page for details.
    5. Give us some packaging details?
    Usually each and every Product is packed in polyethylene bags, and then these Products are packed in card board boxes to send you directly. Special instructions may also be followed on request please.
    6. Return Policy?
    NANBA products have defect free guaranty for a long time, however, if there is any defect in any product that you are not satisfied, please contact within 15- days of receipt of goods in its original packing, so that we make necessary arrangements for replacement either in product or money.
    7. Samples Service?
    We offer sample services also to our new Customers for quality evalution. For this they need to pay both for samples and courier charges. However, when customer will place the first order we will deduct the sample charges from the total invoice value.
    8. What is method of Payment?
    We are following two ways at the moment to collect payments.
    Bank transfer i.e. wire and swift transfer AND Western Union Money Transfer ZARCO.
    9. What is minimum quantity order? 
    We have no minimum order quantity. You can order on your convenience. However, If you want to buy less than US$: 500 as trial order, please add 20% courier charges on the top of total value of order. Subject to change upon any change from the shippers.
    10. Do you do credit?
    We dont do credit to all new and old customers due to some severe past experiences. However, if the order is bulk we are happy to deal via bank irrevocable LC for the security of both parties. ( Please click Terms of Sale in bottom for bank details)
    11. What is your Credibility?
    We do have world-wide clients, some of them are direct queen suppliers in UK (by the appointment to her Majesty) and some are of Group of Companies. We are honored to work with Rose of Malta in Canada. If any client needs to confirm about our products, services and credibility references can be provided on request prior to start business with Nanba for which inquired company needs to provide complete details about its standing, however, we some time refuse these references due to any doubt or suspicion.
    12. How do you deal with your orders?
    Upon confirmation of receipt of payment through bank or western union we schedule all orders to their relevant Manufacturing Depots: and confirm delivery date to customers however, prior to start production we always show scan of the order product via e-mail to our customer and after approval start making entire order.
    13. What is Timeline for your badges orders?
    1. Artwork/design provided (by e-mail jpeg, original sample by post etc). 
    2. Quote is provided and appropriate recommendations is provided (i.e. size /design). 
    3. Quote accepted. 
    4. Sample produced and image is sent to you for approval. If any alternation advised, we make the changes again and to re-send. 
    5. Upon approval delivery time is confirmed and order is enlisted from admin depot in manufacturing depot.
    6. Request to transfer payment.
    7. Upon receipt of payment, we start manufacturing of your order. 
    8. Please note delivery time starts from the date we receive payment.
    To get a quote on an existing design send the quantity, size, product, type and graphics as an emailed JPEG / by Fax / by post. We may ask for more details, but for most badges this is enough to return a prompt quote on a range of quantities.
    15. We got less price from another company, would you please beat their price?
    We can not vouch for the quality of items or services you will receive from another company and therefore we dont attempt to match or beat their prices. Our pricing is based on many factors, and we strive to price items fairly and competitively. We take great pride in our quality product and services quality, and hope that pricing is not the only thing that is essential to our customers when they make purchase. Saying Gold is never sold at the price of silver but by putting its color on it so be careful when you get undue rock-bottom pricing.

    #Nanba #NanbaGroup #nanbagroup #nanbafromsialkot #SoccerBalls #Footballs 

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