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    Surgical Scissors | Nasal | Tenotomy | Metzembaum Scissors

    knight nasal scissors, are Surgical scissors designed to cut hard nasal (e.g., bony, cartilage) tissue during plastic and/or reconstructive procedures. These scissors are typically handheld, manual...
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    Surgical Senses Industry.

    Contact Person:
    Mr. Umair Farooq
    roras road, sialkot, punjab, Pakistan, 51310
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    knight nasal scissors, are Surgical scissors designed to cut hard nasal (e.g., bony, cartilage) tissue during plastic and/or reconstructive procedures. These scissors are typically handheld, manual instruments with two long metallic (e.g., stainless steel) blades with straight or angled sharp tips that slide past each other (i.e., shearing action). The blades are attached to handles with the proximal end conformed as a ring to facilitate holding and operating with the fingers; both parts are joined by a swivel pin in the center.
    Metzenbaum scissors, are surgical scissors designed for cutting delicate tissue. The scissors come in variable lengths and have a relatively long shank-to-blade ratio. They are constructed of tungsten carbide and blades can be curved or straight. The blade tips are blunt. This is most common in organ operations. It is also used in heart operations.
    Stevens tenatomy scissors, are surgical scissor used to cut small tissues and maneuver in delicate areas. The name itself refers to surgical tenotomy, which involves partially incising, or cutting, through tendons. These scissors are characterized by extremely small blades with very large handles, which provide a steady grip while maintaining precision and allowing access to small areas. They may also be known as Stevens scissors or Stevens tenotomy scissors.

    Our products are made from japenese and french stainless steel, this is available in re-useable and disposable stock.
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